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Instantly Improve Aeration, Nutrient Absorption, & Water Conservation

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Organic, Sustainable & Nutrient Rich

PittMoss® Promotes natural biologicals from the fiber based media creating the pinnacle of growing media.

  • "Clearly, this new component will be implemented extensively in the next generation of soilless mixes."

    Dr. Charles Bethke PhD, Soil Scientist

  • "PittMoss® plants were hardier than previous crops where I might have only 60% life I now can get 95%. The plants grew  6 to 7 feet in the first year, very impressed."

    Mark Verez

  • "PittMoss® has improved binding qualities and higher water holding capacity which will reduce our water inputs. We’re already experiencing quicker crop finishes with certain genera which is very exciting."

    Laura Nafziger, Head Grower, Northcreek Nurseries

PittMoss Gets Your Garden Results

Find out what your plants have been missing.

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