A revolutionary poultry bedding made from PittMoss fibers

A next-generation chicken bedding that lasts 4x longer than shavings while boasting a number of other unique benefits to keep your chicken coop cleaner and your flock healthier! The available carbon in the material locks down moisture and ammonia smells, ensuring a dry, ammonia-safe environment. In our first commercial trial, the user noticed a significant difference in the health of his chickens. The soft, fluffy material left the birds’ feet essentially free of sores and ulcers, a problem commonly incurred from using wood shavings or other types of chicken litter. Another notable result was the increase in size, about ¼ to ½ pound increase per bird. For more detailed results, photos, and tips from the Mountainside Organics trial, we welcome you to check out our blog. On a smaller scale, another user found the product to be an effective bedding alternative for her backyard flock of about 30 laying hens. The birds did not seem interested in eating the material, nor pushing it out of the nesting boxes like they had with straw or hay. The cushion-like material made for cleaner eggs with far less breakage. Additionally, the user periodically stirred the product, mixing the manure with the bedding to eventually be utilized as a high-performing organic fertilizer. Users will notice less laborious manure handling with the lightweight, longer-lasting material, as well as negligible levels of odor and dust, so you can get the most out of each application regardless of whether you have several thousands of birds or a small backyard flock. Not only is Roost great for small poultry like chickens, but for larger birds like turkey, geese, ducks, and other domestic fowl. The unique physical properties as well as the incorporation of organic paper fiber makes Roost compostable, pH neutral, sustainable, and organic. For the cleanest bedding option available at the best value, try PittMoss Roost in your chicken run and see the difference first hand!

Product Benefits

  • Lasts 4x longer than shavings
  • Protects against ammonia toxicity
  • Eliminates odor and dust
  • More sanitary
  • Compostable and pH neutral
  • Organic, sustainable and recyclable
  • Lightweight and soft

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    Stephen H.
    US US


    So far the Roost Poultry Bedding is working great. Easy to place in nesting boxes, and easy clean up when needed.

    Joanne M.
    US US

    My chickens and I love it!

    I need to clean the coop less frequently and when I do, the process is much easier!

    Aprill E.
    US US

    So, I really love this stuff...

    But my girls are not. I love that the product is recycled first of all. My plan was to use this as bedding, but girls are not having it, we tried a layer of the old on top...nope they are not impressed. We are now using it for the chicken house floor. I live in Georgia and my only complaints are that for my area, after a high humidity day, the chicken house smells like old shoes. The other, after a week or so, the product seems to hold onto dust, so my cleaning schedule is double. I'm still going to try it in the winter, I think the girls will appreciate the product when they are a bit warmer.

    Claudia H.
    US US

    Chicken bedding

    I love this product! My eggs stay pretty clean and the chickens seem to love it. I just wish it felt drier. Moisture in the coop isn’t good and I feel like I have to lay it out to dry before I use it. Still the best bedding I have used and will continue to use!

    Michelle O.


    Definitely a rating of 5 stars. The chickens love it and so do I. My coop stays odor and moisture free three times longer than with other materials. The “fluffiness” of pittmoss also allows better ventilation to the bottom of the coop. I also like the softness of Pittmoss for the nesting boxes because it provides a softer support for the hen and eggs. Don’t change a thing….it’s perfect!

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      What is this material made of?
    1. Q What is this material made of?
      Asked by Shiona on April 29, 2022 12:33 am
      Answered by the admin

      Roost is made from upcycled fibers derived from cardboard

    2. Is this suitable for raising chicks, or is this product for adult poultry only?
    3. Q Is this suitable for raising chicks, or is this product for adult poultry only?
      Asked by Alexandra Umstadt on January 23, 2022 4:41 pm
      Answered by the admin

      Roost is suitable for raising chicks!

    4. I bought 6 bags of this bedding at a feed store in Bethel, OH. The bags are wet and the bedding is d... Read more
    5. Q I bought 6 bags of this bedding at a feed store in Bethel, OH. The bags are wet and the bedding i...... Read more
      Asked by Hana on March 29, 2021 12:19 pm
      Answered by the admin

      ROOST does not develop mold, and excess moisture will evaporate off once the material is spread! ... Read more

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