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A peat-free blend of quality coconut coir, PittMoss and fertilizer

A complete peat-free potting mix that is a blend of PittMoss fibers, high quality coconut coir and custom nutrients to optimize performance. This growing media is lightweight, and significantly less dusty than traditional soil mediums. COCO Complete is a clean and consistent soil, with no pathogens, weed seeds or other heavy metals and harmful ingredients; and every batch is tested to ensure quality and optimal performance. PittMoss COCO Complete is a soilless potting mix that also requires significantly less water and applied fertilizer because of its ability to retain and better manage applied resources, evenly distributing them throughout the porous particles to be more available to the plant’s roots. PittMoss COCO Complete is the best soil with high amounts of readily available carbon, perfect for creating a living soil environment that is chalk-full of soil biology! COCO Complete is a great all-purpose nutrient-rich potting mix perfect for indoor pots and planters, flower gardening, soil improvement, grass seeding, and anywhere else you would use traditional potting mix.

How it’s Made: COCO Complete is made from PittMoss’s proprietary and revolutionary recycled paper fiber and high-quality coconut coir that has gone through rigorous testing. PittMoss engineers our proprietary fibers to have incredible properties that allows plants to grow big and strong, even under stressful conditions. This revolutionary product is the most sustainable and high-performing growing media on the market made 100% in the United Sates. PittMoss sources all paper ingredients from local recycling facilities and hand sorts each batch to ensure zero contaminants. Each batch is hand sorted and processed in Ambridge, PA using PittMoss’s custom and patent-pending machinery. PittMoss conducts extensive testing on each batch, and proudly shares information on heavy metals and more with the public via our blog and published research, and as requested.

Ingredients: 60% PittMoss fibers, ~40% coconut coir, with added nutrients. pH balanced and easily adjusted for specific plant needs.

NPK: N (0.195%) P (0.077%) K (0.188%). When applying additional fertilizer, PittMoss recommends a quality, high-nitrogen fertilizer that is not urea based. For example, we suggest products like Espoma Grow! or fish emulsion

Product Benefits

  • Developed and routinely tested by leading soil scientists
  • 100% Peat-Free
  • Blended with high-quality coconut coir and custom sourced nutirents
  • Carbon-rich soil to encourage a living soil environment
  • Lightweight material easy to carry around
  • Lots of air space to aerate existing mixes or in-ground soil and encourage root growth
  • Reduces your resources with better water absorption, wicking and decreased runoff
  • PittMoss fibers are manufactured 100% in the USA – supporting green manufacturing

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  2. Does this product contain trichoderma?
  3. Q Does this product contain trichoderma?
    Asked by Lucy on February 11, 2023 7:57 pm
    Answered by the admin

    No it does not. PittMoss is an incubator for biologicals, however, it does not readily contain an... Read more

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  6. Which is best to use when planting a young tree? Is it to be mixed with dirt?
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    Asked by Deb on April 24, 2022 12:49 pm
    Answered by the admin

    To plant a young tree, dig a hole about 2x the size of the longest roots. Mix native soil from th... Read more

COCO Complete Coir Blend

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