PittMoss® Prestige- Equine Bedding

Note on animal bedding orders: We charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping due to the size and weight of the bag. We also sell this material in bulk, please contact the company for more information.

PittMoss® Prestige is a bedding mix that is ideal for horses and other sensitive animals.

  • Superior moisture retention

  • Dust free and pathogen free

  • Eliminates ammonia odor

  • Less daily replacement cost

  • Easy to use and clean up

  • Comfortable bedding that "feels like carpet!" 

Use PittMoss Prestige as a replacement for pine pellets, sawdust or other bedding material. Use for horse stalls, chicken coops and other small animals.

Falco enjoying a bed of PIttMoss Prestige! 

Read about Falco's experience with PittMoss Prestige here!

Keep PittMoss Prestige in a sealed container and store in a dry place.

Please note: we are shipping the product in plain bags for the time being while we prepare our new bag design! 

** Purchase includes shipping. We currently do not ship to outside the continental United Sates.**

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