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PittMoss® - Organic Potting Mix

PittMoss® Organic Potting Mix is made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with added compost and mineral ingredients. Waste cellulosic materials that are normally land-filled are up-cycled into this valuable potting mix.

Use PittMoss® Organic Potting Mix instead of traditional potting mix. PittMoss® Organic Potting Mix combines the best qualities of various types of potting mix and soil amendments with locally sourced compost

  • Structure Comparable to Peat Moss
  • Locally sourced compost for nutrient enrichment
  • Aeration Similar to Perlite
  • Nutrient Absorption Equivalent to Vermiculite
  • Moisture Holding Similar to Coir
  • Biological Activity Resembling Compost

PittMoss®Organic Potting Mix grows better plants by improving water retention, nutrient delivery, and natural biological systems. 

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