PittMoss COCO Complete - New and Improved PittMoss + Coir Soilless Blend

COCO Complete

A special blend of PittMoss and Coir 


PittMoss + coir  a high-performing gardening mix carefully made from selected recycled paper products and coconut coir.  PittMoss is engineered to grow bigger, stronger plants with more substantial root systems and superior nutrient absorption. All of our products are created to provide for excellent aeration and to support "living soils" that encourages beneficial biological growth. No peat, perlite, or vermiculite, is necessary or used.

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  • PittMoss is certified Pesticide-Free 
  • Grows resilient plants that can stand up to tough conditions 
  • Promotes better water and fertilizer retention
  • An incredible home for healthy microbes, promoting the growth of mycelium and beneficial mycorrhizae



          Total %       Added Soluble %        Added Slowly Available %

N       .193%               .093%                                 .101%

      .077%               .042%                                .035%

K        .188%               .109%                                 .079%

Ca and Mg Added at adequate rates to complement the relative K levels

Tips for Growing COCO Complete


  • Use fertilizers containing Nitrates. Avoid Ammonium or Urea
  • Blend at least 30% of COCO Complete in your mix if you are adding it with other substrates. Many growers grow directly in this blend. 
  • pH range  is 5.8-6.8.
  • Reduce watering. PittMoss can require up to 2/3 less water than conventional blends. This can vary depending on how much PittMoss makes up your mix.

Purpose of Product: A soil amendment for improving soil structure or for growing plants. 

Application: Use COCO Complete as a soil amendment OR when supplemented with a fertilizer can be used as a potting soil. 

Ingredients: 60% PittMoss, 30% Coir, 10% Pine Bark

Bag Size: 4CF



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