Worm Casting

Worm Casting helps protect plants and balance PH levels.

Using PittMoss for Worm Castings

Worms are an important part of our ecosystem. They eat organic material like leaves, grass and cellulose and "cast" them into the soil after digestion. This process removes toxic materials from the organic waste and injects plant friendly microbes into the soil. PittMoss has proven to be a great source of organic material for worms to eat. Not only do they love to eat PittMoss, they produce castings and reproduce more quickly when fed a steady diet of PittMoss. In short, it encourages:

  • An increase in castings produced
  • Higher quality castings
  • Increased microbial content
  • Improved texture and color of the castings

  • Read more about worm castings on our blog: A conversation with our very own worm expert (vermicultures)