Recycled and Sustainable Gardening

  • Made from engineered, up-cycled fibers that would ordinarily end up in a landfill
  • Sustainable and reduces the use of precious resources, like peat moss 
  • Has a low-carbon release 
  • Uses resources efficiently, and requires less water
  • Produced in the United States 
  • Non-polluting 
  • Integrates with the eco-system 
  • Reduces the need and runoff of chemicals


PittMoss is a Technology Revolution for Gardening

PittMoss is a next-generation gardening soil. Our products are a result of decades of testing to produce a growing media unlike anything on the market. Not only does it follow cutting-edge practices to benefit our planet; it's unique, organic, recycled, and engineered fiber structure creates a perfect environment for plant growth. The revolutionary properties of PittMoss allow more air, more water, and more nutrients to be delivered to your plants; encouraging faster, stronger development of flowers, vegetables, shrubs, grass, and more!