PittMoss Delivers Your Garden Results

Unlike any growing media on the market, PittMoss is a revolution for your plants.

Excellent Environment for Plant Growth
Increased Nutrient Absorption
Increased Water Absorbtion
Pro-Biotics for your plants

Superior Water Management

PittMoss is made from recycled fibers that are specifically engineered to provide optimal management of applied resources, like water. PittMoss has an incredible wettability, water retention and availability. This makes for better use of resources by storing and delivering it to your plants as they need it and reducing runoff.

PittMoss Pro-tip: You will discover you will need less water when using PittMoss. We caution many users against over-watering.  In fact, the top layer of PittMoss should be relatively dry. We recommend using the finger test by sticking your finger in the soil to determine if the bottom layers have sufficient moisture.

"I used PittMoss in several of my planters and they exceeded the size of my non-PittMoss planters. They also used a fraction of the water and lived 2 months longer!" - Sarah Harris, Home Gardner

Plants grown in PittMoss potting soil grow bigger and stronger with less water and applied nutrients
Superior Absorption of Nutrients

Superior Absorption of Nutrients

The cellulosic fibers that make up PittMoss do not simply help save water. Due to the incredible air space and porosity, PittMoss absorbs and releases nutrients back into the root system to grow your plants big and strong. The fibers also  reduce nutrient leaching and run-off into groundwater.

Beneficial Biological Properties

PittMoss allows for excellent air exchange, water availability and distribution of food for microbes, which creates an excellent microbial environment. Provided certain conditions, you may even seen some of these "friends of the soil" bloom. To learn more about the benefits of a "living soil" click here.

Beneficial Biological Properties
The Perfect Environment for growth

The Perfect Environment for Growth

PittMoss provides an excellent environment for germination and growth. The surface area of the fibers create a good balance of air and water, with easy pH balancing and no treatments required for pathogens. PittMoss Performance contains a controlled-release fertilizer and is the product we recommend for seed starting and an all-in-one potting soil. PittMoss Prime has no nutrient value, which makes it perfect to blend with compost or your favorite soil mix.