PittMoss Helping Area Residents Grow Fresh Produce at Home

PittMoss based in Ambridge, is giving away free produce seeds to its customers with every purchase of its Plentiful Organic Potting Mix and discounting products to help customers start their own gardens at a time when many are concerned about the food available to their families.


PittMoss will deliver its recycled soil with seed packets so you can start a Victory Garden

The Ambridge-based company, a 2014 winner of “Shark Tank” — for its environmentally-friendly alternative to peat-based potting soil — is offering packets of seeds for carrots, tomatoes and lettuce with every purchase of its Plentiful Organic Potting Mix, made for gardens or raised beds.


Grow From Home: Local Company Offering Way For Pittsburghers To Grow Produce At Home

PittMoss is a local company that uses recycled materials for potting mix. They say it can be used for planting veggies in your backyard or a hanging basket without the messiness of dirt.


Here Are Six Sustainable Products for Starting Your Spring Seeds
PittMoss, a product made from recycled paper, is another peat moss-free option. Featured on the ABC TV show Shark Tank in April 2015, this is its first year on the market for non-commercial growers.

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Pitt Moss: The magic is in the mix for this planting medium
In the past, Pitt Moss has only provided its product to commercial growers, but this season Pitt Moss is available locally at garden centers, through Amazon and the company’s website. It’s super absorbent, and doesn’t need to be watered as often as other mediums, because it drains well, Scott says.

Modeled off the fluffy, moisture-retentive qualities of peat, PittMoss is touted as delivering more life-giving materials to plants.
A dream more than a decade in the making is about to become a reality, thanks in part to investments from Pittsburgh native and celebrity businessman Mark Cuban.
PittMoss®, who previously sold its growing media only to commercial growers, announces its products are available for retail sale. PittMoss® manufactures next-generation gardening amendments and mixes, unlike anything available on the market. Their products have been rigorously tested in EPA and greenhouse trials, consistently outperforming the competition.

  • PittMoss NEW Product Launch

    PittMoss® has finally launched its brand new consumer retail products made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with added nutrients and mineral ingredients. Waste cellulosic materials that are normally landfilled are upcycled into this valuable potting mix. The revolutionary soil will change the face of the planet for good making garden soil sustainable for each customer. The PittMoss Product line offers best in class growing and superior wet-ability.

  • Uses for PittMoss Perfomance®

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