PittMoss is an ideal growing media for all landscaping projects.

PittMoss encourages incredible growth compared to other growing media.

  • PittMoss has great water management properties. Many products claim to save water, but we have the trials to prove it. In fact, we have to warn people to not over-water when using PittMoss.
  • Grow grass grow! Sprinkle PittMoss Prime on top of grass seed and your lawn and water bill will thank you!
  • Reduces ground water run-off and nutrient leaching by providing a more absorbent media.
  • Increases the amount of nutrients absorbed, reducing the need for chemical additives.
  • Is the right choice for our planet. The peat-free media is made from sustainable up-cycled material that is organic and keeps paper out of our landfills.
  • PittMoss is lightweight and easy to use. Compared to other media, PittMoss is almost half the weight and produces less dust.



PittMoss is the perfect position for landscaping! My clients really love having it in there gardens and lawns.
Landscape Manager