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PittMoss encourages incredible growth compared to other growing media. For those using a potting mix for hydroponics, PittMoss is a smart choice. PittMoss is made from engineered cellulosic fibers - unlike anything on the market. This unique fiber structure allows for incredible porosity and absorption of water and nutrients. Aside from the absorption qualities, PittMoss provides superior management of resources for bigger, stronger plants and a healthier planet.

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Why is PittMoss Great for Your Plants?


  • Great water management properties. Many products claim to save water, but we have the trials to prove it. In fact, we have to warn people to not over-water when using PittMoss.
  • Reduces ground water run-off and nutrient leaching by providing a more absorbent media.
  • Increases the amount of nutrients absorbed, reducing the need for chemical additives.
  • The right choice for our planet. The peat-free media is made from sustainable up-cycled material that is organic and keeps paper out of our landfills.


PittMoss gets results with bigger stronger plants for your crop!