Environmental Benefits

Why should we care about Peatlands?

Peatlands are critical to the health of the planet, and to our own continued existence. These habitats provide us with so much benefit, including providing us with sphagnum peat moss the primary, traditional growing substrate used in horticulture today. As we harvest peat moss from peat bogs, tons of millions – perhaps billions of carbon are released each year.

Peatlands make up only 3% of the Earth’s land surface, yet they sequester 30-33% of all known soil carbons. Their ability to store away carbon from the atmosphere exceeds every other carbon-storing habitat, including all of the planet’s forests. The loss of just 1.5% of the planet’s peatlands is equivalent to an entire year’s release of carbon pollution.

Peatlands aren’t only beneficial for carbon storage, though. Healthy bogs provide a habitat for various endangered species, help to purify drinking water, and protect against flooding. These ecosystems are similar to modern fossil fuel deposits: carbon dense and non-renewable.

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