Composting with PittMoss

The unique fiber structure of PittMoss provide it with a great environment for microbial development. The porosity and air space provided by the organic fibers increase the surface area for microbial action and is a good microbial food source. PittMoss absorbs excess moisture and stimulates improved air exchange. That helps avoid the anaerobic (a no-oxygen) environment that can damage or slow composting. Expect rapid activity when incorporating PittMoss. This revolutionary material offers allow you to foster good stewardship of our environment. Blend rates from 15% to 35% can yield optimal results. Allow the compost to dry while composting and watch for the phenomenal performance.

PittMoss is the sustainable choice:

  • Made from organic, natural ingredients
  • Produced from recycled materials .
  • Peat-free to preserve precious peatlands


PittMoss Composting