Animal Bedding


The unique physical properties of PittMoss make it an ideal product for animal bedding. We introduced PittMoss Prestige as our planet-friendly answer to traditional and messy animal bedding.  To date, PittMoss Prestige has been hitting the horse market by storm, becoming a favorite bedding of champion horses and equine veterinarians alike! We also encourage other animal lovers to share their experience using PittMoss Prestige for small animals. We have customers using PittMoss Prestige animal bedding for use with their reptiles, rabbits, pigs, chickens, and more!

PittMoss is also the best choice for our environment. Produced from organic, recycled paper headed for the landfill, PittMoss provides sustainability alongside proven results. 

Shop PittMoss Prestige, the best horse bedding on the market that is also sustainable!

"PittMoss is the ideal replacement. The horse in stall 3 was the most comfortable when standing on PittMoss. He even used the casted leg more frequently to stand on. I would recommend using PittMoss for laminitis or other cases involving limb pain." – Janet Greenfield, BVMS, MRCVS, Palm Beach Equine Clinic


Animal Bedding For Horses

Results from Palm Beach Equine Clinic

  • Horses that had joint and limb pain were found to be more comfortable. In particular, horses that struggled to bend down previously found success with Prestige.
  • Horses on a limited diet tend to eat pine shavings, this did not occur with PittMoss and negated the use of a muzzle.
  • The bedding had excellent absorption and the top layer remained dry compared to previously used products.
  • PittMoss absorbed more ammonia, which led to odor reduction.
"I personally believe this product will help Horsemen manage the health of their horses, and keep costs at a minimum." – David Duggan, Trainer, Belmont Park