PittMoss Roost- Poultry Bedding

Note on animal bedding orders: We charge a flat rate of $20 for shipping due to the size and weight of the bag. We also sell this material in bulk, please contact the company for more information.

 PittMoss Roost is ideal for your poultry!

  • Ammonia - safe environment
  • Compostable & pH neutral 
  • Organic, sustainable and recyclable 
  • Kills Odor
  • Absorbent- lasts 4x longer than shavings
  • Reduces Dust
  • Soft and lightweight

Use PittMoss Roost  as a replacement for pine pellets, sawdust or other bedding material.

We have done extensive trials with wonderful results. Learn all about Mountainside Organics experience with Roost here!

Keep PittMoss Roost in a sealed container and store in a dry place.

** Purchase includes shipping. We currently do not ship to outside the continental United Sates.**

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