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PittMoss® Performance - Ready-to-Grow Mix


PittMoss® Performance is made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with added nutrients and mineral ingredients. Waste cellulosic materials that are normally landfilled are upcycled into this valuable potting mix.

Use PittMoss® Performance instead of traditional potting mix. PittMoss® Performance combines the best qualities of various types of potting mix and soil amendments:

  • Structure Comparable to Peat Moss
  • Aeration Similar to Perlite
  • Nutrient Absorption Equivalent to Vermiculite
  • Moisture Holding Similar to Coir
  • Biological Activity Resembling Compost

PittMoss® Performance grows better plants by improving water retention, nutrient delivery, and natural biological systems. 

Please note: we are shipping the product in plain bags for the time being while we prepare our new bag design! 

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The Most Sustainable Growing Mix in the Market that Outperforms.

The Organic Potting Mix by PittMoss® is the perfect blend of superior proprietary blend PittMoss blend and localy sourced compost. Each batch is made in the United States in our controlled facility in Ambridge, Pa. 

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