PittMoss® Performance - Nutrient Enhanced Blend


PittMoss® Performance is made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with an added Controlled Released Fertilizer (CRF), specifically designed for PittMoss® 

This mix is perfect for keeping your plants looking gorgeous all summer long! Use to pot up your houseplants, condition existing mixes or beds, or to simply give your plants a well-deserved boost. 

Unlike any potting mix on the market, PittMoss uses up-cycled paper fibers to create a high-performing, eco-friendly blend gardeners will love! 

Your plants will appreciated the wonderful PittMoss properties, including:

  • Aeration Similar to Perlite
  • Improved Nutrient Absorption
  • Improved Moisture Retention
  • Biological Activity Resembling Compost

PittMoss® Performance grows better plants by improving water retention, nutrient delivery, and natural biological systems. 


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The Most Sustainable Growing Mix in the Market that Outperforms.

The Organic Potting Mix by PittMoss® is the perfect blend of superior proprietary blend PittMoss blend and localy sourced compost. Each batch is made in the United States in our controlled facility in Ambridge, Pa. 

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