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Organic Potting Soil

Organic Potting Soil

Organic Potting Soil

Find your perfect potting soil solution!

Get the latest Organic Potting Soil from PittMoss®. PittMoss is the next step in tech, as an organic potting soil & amendment made from up cycled cellulose materials like newspaper. Become a sustainable Gardner and grow bigger stronger plants with PittMoss® Products!


PittMoss has superior wettability, water retention and availability 

  • No wetting chemicals needed compared, for example, to peat moss 
  • Improved water efficiency 
  • Reduced watering labor  
  • Improved wilt point 
  • Improved plant shelf-life

PittMoss has Superior Air Space Porosity 

  • Encourages rapid root and plant development 
  • Improved aeration
  • Improved nutrient delivery and efficiency   
  • Excellent drainage 

PittMoss has the best physical and chemical properties 

  • Incredible water holding and management abilities
  • Near neutral pH
  • Makes nutrients more widely available
  • No toxic components  

PittMoss has the best biological properties

  • Free of insects and diseases
  • Good balance of air and water, provided by the surface area of the fibers
  •  Air exchange, water availability and distribution of food for microbes create an excellent microbial environment.


Our New Product Is Now Available!

Fully Organic • Uses 2/3 Less Water • Sustainable •  Made with Compost