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PittMoss Announced as the First and Only Company to Successfully Qualify for Redfield Proctor's

PittMoss Announced as the First and Only Company to Successfully Qualify for Redfield Proctor's "Suitable for Cannabis Growth" Certification

April 26, 2018

This post is a copy of the Redfield Proctor press release. 

Signaling a potential entrance into the $21B US recreational and medical cannabis market, PittMoss ( has become the first ever growing medium company to successfully achieve Redfield Proctor's “Suitable for Cannabis Growth” certification. Redfield Proctor, a research and development company who also provide sustainable soil disposal services for cannabis cultivators, launched the certification six months ago. While multiple companies have submitted to have their soil certified, to date only PittMoss managed to pass the stringent and confidential pesticide screening battery. Redfield Proctor CEO Stephen Martin had this to say;

“Pesticide and chemical contaminate presence in soil is a real concern in the cannabis industry, which has probably the harshest regulations regarding them of any crop in the world. Growers have a real reason to be concerned about their product 'testing hot' due to pesticide and chemical contaminate uptake from poorly screened soil. We launched our certification to help growers identify what is and isn't safe to use from that perspective. To date we've tested three other brands of soil, and every single one of them exceeded one or more of our pesticide limitations and as such failed to be certified. Pittmoss not only came in underneath our pesticide specifications, they actually scored 'Not Detected' on every single test. They not only passed, but did so with flying colors.” 

PittMoss' key to success may lie in its unique composition. Unlike traditional soils, PittMoss is made from recycled paper fibers, such as newspapers, with added mineral and nutrient content. Their products are peat-free, require 2/3 less water than traditional mixes and are manufactured in the USA. This unique approach to growing media fabrication is likely at the heart of PittMoss' high levels of sterility and consistency in their products. When questioned about the news, PittMoss' director of Business Development, Ashley Mariani, had this to say;

“Although we are unsurprised by the results, PittMoss is so proud to have this distinction. At PittMoss, we are dedicated to providing the best and cleanest growing media on the market, while being dedicated to sustainable practices. To have third party screening and validation through Redfield Proctor is very rewarding. We look forward to working with farmers and growers both in and out of the cannabis markets."




Certified safe to grow cannabis

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