Our Mission- Healthy Plants and a Healthy Planet

by Ashley Mariani October 26, 2016


We are excited to launch the new PittMoss blog. At PittMoss we want to share how we can help gardeners, big and small, produce healthy and beautiful plants while helping our planet. Our plan for this blog is to answer questions and discover unique insights and tips about gardening and horticulture.  We also want to share what drives our passion to provide the best growing medium that is organic, up-cycled, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Here are a few of our frequently asked questions to get us started-

So what is PittMoss exactly?

PittMoss is an organic growing medium made from recycled materials. Currently, we have 3 products available on the market, with more to come! 

PittMoss Prime - Made from organic, recycled, natural materials. Use as a soil amendment. 
PittMoss Performance - Made from organic, recycled, natural materials. Use as you would traditional potting soil.
PittMoss Prestige- Made from organic, recycled, natural materials. Used for horse-bedding. If interested in learning more, purchasing or sampling, please contact info@pittmoss.com. 

How does it help save our planet? 

Using PittMoss instead of peat moss can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released in the mining of peat bogs. Peat bogs trap 30% of our planets CO2 and is typically imported, increasing its carbon footprint. Learn more about environmental benefits here.

How does PittMoss make your plants bigger and stronger? 

Trial after trial, the results are the same. Adding PittMoss to existing soil or potting mix returns better results then without using PittMoss. 

  • Increases water retention in the soil
  • Increases aeration and the ability of soil to "breathe" 
  • Extends time between water applications
  • Increases nutrient retention while reducing runoff 
  • Encourages phenomenal microbial growth in soil and plant roots 
  • Provides an excellent environment for seed germination

Do you have some more questions about PittMoss, or suggestions for this blog? Email us at info@pittmoss.com



Ashley Mariani
Ashley Mariani


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