Explaining PittMoss Prime

by Ashley Mariani November 17, 2016 1 Comment

PittMoss Prime is the blend that is at the heart of all of the PittMoss products. It is made from recycled newspapers, which we break down into engineered fiber and add natural mineral ingredients. Because it does not contain a fertilizer, like PittMoss Performance, our Prime product is used to compliment your existing potting soils or compost. 

The Mystery of PittMoss Explained

PittMoss is an engineered natural fiber derived from recycled products that would end up in a landfill. These natural fibers that have been processed to optimize the ability of those fibers to hold air and water, while efficiently delivering nutrients. The internal and external pore sizes are the key to its performance. The efficient use of space with good chemistry and biology makes PittMoss a superior soil amendment. 

Benefits of PittMoss Prime

  • Retains applied nutrients while reducing runoff 
  • Reduces the need for watering 
  • Increases the ability of the soil to "breath" 
  • Provides an excellent environment for seed germination
  • It acts like probiotics for your plants- encouraging microbial growth in the roots and soil
  • Peat-free, reducing our reliance on sphagnum peat moss 
  • Easy to use, packs well around plants and has a near neutral pH 
  • Perfect for patching up bare spots in the grass 
  • Improves the survival of trees and shrubs
  • Replaces not only peat-moss but the need for vermiculite and perlite
  • It is completely sterile and safe, free of bugs, weeds and spores, which reduces the need for pesticides and weed killers. 

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Ashley Mariani
Ashley Mariani


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Timothy P Davis
Timothy P Davis

January 17, 2017

Do you sell wholesale?

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