PittMoss Prestige Put to the Test

PittMoss Prestige Put to the Test

April 16, 2019

A Trial Diary by Kira Karpinski

Kira Karpinski is the Owner and Founder of Double K Leather Works. She loaded two different stalls with multiple bags of PittMoss Prestige Horse Bedding over the course of 14 days. Here's what she had to say about her experience using PittMoss Prestige...

  • Day 1: Loading Day. Stall 1 was loaded with two bags, and Stall 2 was loaded with three bags. Upon cleaning on day one, I found both stalls were dry, with only small, four-inch diameter damp areas that were easy to clean out. I found the material to be odorless and dustless. Ease of cleaning was no different than shavings. Material still seemed fluffy.
  • Day 2:  My findings were just like day one. Not much of the material needed to be removed with each cleaning, and there were no wet areas or odor.  I added a bag to Stall 1 because I felt it didn’t have enough bedding for my liking.
  • Day 3:  I noticed that the material that had been near urine areas was not as absorbent as previously, and I could easily remove the larger areas that now resembled damp cardboard. The mats were still very dry with no odor. The bedding started to compact some, but easily fluffed back up. I added to Stall 2.
  • Day 4:  There were no changes in the conditions of the stall since day three. From here on out, the stalls were found the same each day, with larger damp areas, easily cleaned, odor free, and easily fluffed. I added a bag to Stall 1.
  • Day 5:  No changes, no additions.
  • Day 6:  I added another bag to Stall 2.
  • Day 7:  I added a bag to Stall 1.

  • Day 8:  No changes.
  • Day 9:  I added a bag to Stall 2.
  • Day 10:  I added a bag to Stall 1.
  • Day 11:  No changes.
  • Day 12:  I added a bag to Stall 2.
  • Day 13:  I added a bag to Stall 1.
  • Day 14:  I finished my trial today. When I stripped the stalls, I found the mats completely dry, with no puddles. There was no odor from the mats. I want to note that these stalls could have gone a month without being stripped. After the initial loading of the stalls, I used two bags a week in each stall to replace what was removed. I would consider that both stalls started with three bags, since I added to Stall 1 right away. The horses did enjoy lying in their stalls, never had any bedding stuck to their coats, or urine stains on them.

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